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Multiple calls of gonative_onesignal_info() on Android

On Android devices, I am noticing that the gonative_onesignal_info() method is called multiple times upon page load rather than just once.

I tested this by putting a confirm('gonative_onesignal_info() called') inside the method. When run on Android, it seems like this method is called 2-3 times on the initial load of the page.

In addition, I'm using Vue for the web application. Since this is a single-page app, I would not expect the method to be called again when moving between "pages" (i.e. the URL is modified but it is not a full-page refresh).

However, on Android devices, I am getting the JS confirm called each time the URL changes as well.

This is working as expected on iOS (one call on the initial load). Is there a way to avoid this on Android?