Edit back button functionality

Would it be possible to edit, or just completely remove the functionality

Native UI with Gonative

Hello, I understand that gonative code generated is for converting web apps to android and iOS. If we want to add a native ui components on the web pages, is this possible ? Thanks,

app installing problem

when I share the app with anyone it shows "we cannot recognise the app developer, so app blocked by play protect" in android. so why is this happening ? what should i do to avoid this ?

App update from Median.co required

Currently, I have problems running the iOS app. The application works normally when I download the source code and run it with the simulator. However, when I Archive to build an IPA file and run this IPA file in the real device, a dialog appears saying "The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of iOS" Please tell me how to solve it. Note: We already have the license (App Support & Updates: PLAN ACTIVE)

Median Release Notes

Hello, Do you publish Release notes of the Median solution each time you deliver an update to the Median core ? In the documentation, I can only find links to Ios & Android release notes. Best regards, Antoine Nicolas

Control Pull-to-Refresh and Swipe Gesture

I was wondering if there was a way to control Pull-to-Refresh or Swipe-Gesture on specific pages within the app.

How to change the 'App is not installed' wording

When you load a specific app for checkout, if the app is not present, you will see "App is not installed". Is it possible to change this to a different language or phrase?

Asset validation failed AuthPlugin.framewor missing plist key

Hi team, regarding iOS submission to testflight. Encountered this issue: Asset validation failed The bundle 'Payload/finConnect.app/Frameworks/AuthPlugin.framework' is missing plist key. The Info.plist file is missing the required key: CFBundle ShortVersionString. Please find more information about CFBundleShortVersionString at <https://developer.apple.com/documentation/bundleresources/> information_property_list/cfbundleshortversionstring (ID: cdafc9eb-114d-4b18-9344-b3b246a95477) Please advise how to resolve? Previously had no such issue, published the 2 weeks ago

loader and dark mode

you provide a loader but it seems not visible when dark mode is activated. Is there any configuration possible to manage that (without custom code) ?

Dev and QA versions of our app

We have 2 builds of our app, one for testing new features among our team and one that we plan to release when it passes all as tests. Each build is on a different server. This has worked fine under GoNative, but with the transition to Median, one or both builds are showing "App Update Required" almost every time we build. Is this a change at Median or is our code doing something different? Are we allowed to have 2 builds while under development?