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In-App Purchase iOS


I am trying to configure In-App Purchase for iOS. Steps I already fulfilled:

  1. Setup In-App Purchase in App Store Connect (it is in ready to review state)
  2. Added productsApple.json
  3. In Xcode - added In-App Purchase capability.

When I try to run app, products table is empty. I also tried to put in appConfig <> as initialUrl and I still see that canMakePurchases is false.

What I am missing here? All steps from the list below verified:

Ensure you are building with the latest release (non-beta) Xcode version
Verify that the “In-app purchase” capability has been added to your app in Xcode under Signing & Capabilities.
Do not use a sandbox login to sign in directly to iCloud on your device. Only use the sandbox login when the in-app purchase is prompted on your device
Make sure that you are using a sandbox login created under your account on App Store Connect
Verify that parental controls are not activated that may prevent purchases.
Reboot your device

Should I somehow connect In-App Purchase with App in App Store Connect?