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'pod install' error Unable to add a source with url

After doing the steps to configure OneSignal i have noticed others as well having same issue with named gonativeio-gonative-specs

As the code cannot locate anymore seems to be 404 gonativeio/gonative-specs.git

Can you assist us with the right path to do it manually as

§APPNAME§.xcodeproj			LeanIOS					Podfile.lock				lib
§APPNAME§.xcworkspace			LeanIOSTests				Pods					plugins.rb
GoogleService-Info.plist		OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension	Project.entitlements
> pod install
Analyzing dependencies
Cloning spec repo `gonativeio-gonative-specs` from `[email protected]:gonativeio/gonative-specs.git`
[!] Unable to add a source with url `[email protected]:gonativeio/gonative-specs.git` named `gonativeio-gonative-specs`.
You can try adding it manually in `/Users/§USER§/.cocoapods/repos` or via `pod repo add`.

>pod repo add   
[!] Adding a repo needs a `NAME` and a `URL`.


    $ pod repo add NAME URL [BRANCH]

      Clones `URL` in the local spec-repos directory at
      `/Users/a7mdarts/.cocoapods/repos`. The remote can later be referred to by

please provide us with the right URL.