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Google Social Login for Android after Package name change


We recently changed our Android Package name and IOS Bundle ID in Configuration -> Build & Download. We have not released our app yet.

Afterwards we updated our OAuth 2.0 Client IDs in Google Cloud with the new Package Name. We also uploaded the app the Google Play store with the new Package name and got a new SHA-1 Certificate by allowing Google to manage the app signing. We updated our OAuth 2.0 Client ID with the new SHA-1 certificate from the google play store, which was found under Google Play Console -> Setup -> App Signing.

Currently on our App, the Google Sign in works on IOS; however, Google sign in does not work on Android. We can see in the logs that when we try to sign in with Google on Android it gives error 10, which indicates the developer console is configured incorrectly. Is there any other setting that needs to be changed?

Thank you,