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We changed our app splash screen. We rebuilt the app and attempted to upload it to Google Play, but we received the following error:

"This release includes the permission but your declaration on Play Console says your app doesn't use advertising ID."

Our last upload to the play store was on November 3rd, where we declared we were not using an advertising ID and did not encounter this error when uploading. We haven't changed any other Median settings besides the splash screen.

I compared our appConfig.json from our previous release to our current. The only difference I see are the expected changes to the splash screen and ids added to:

    "regexInternalExternal": {
      "active": true,
      "rules": [

Is there another place to check for differences in the builds? We are not using Google AdMob, or anything that would be using it, so unsure where the permission is coming from.

Thank you,