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Guideline 5.2.1 - Legal - Intellectual Property by apple


The issues we previously identified still need your attention.

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Guideline 5.2.1 - Legal - Intellectual Property

We noticed that your app was created from an app generation service or a commercialized template, but does not appear to be directly submitted by the owner or provider of the business, brand, or service. In order to protect Apple users from dealing with unauthorized parties, we require documentation of your relationship with the provider of the goods or services in your app.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, this app must be submitted by the owner of the business or organization for which the app has been designed under its own Apple Developer Program account. Alternatively, you may provide documentation that shows your ownership of the business or organization for which the app is designed. If you choose to submit documentation, it should come from a governmental authority or other reputable source of business registration for your country or region. Please ensure that this documentation clearly:

  • Identifies you (Gurjoban Singh) as the owner of the business/entity (i quiz patente bilingue)
  • Includes relevant signatures and dates
  • Provides details explaining your affiliation with the business or entity providing the goods or services in your app

Please note that providing documentation of your rights to include third-party content within your app is not sufficient to resolve this issue.

Once we have reviewed your documentation and confirmed its validity, we will proceed with the review of your app.

How to resolve this problem?

Can you provide me with any certificate or document say that the app is mine?