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Video player opens unexpectedly when launching iOS app, but no video played


Recently, users have started reporting an issue with our iOS app. When launching the app, they're seeing a black screen. Tapping the phone screen then reveals the video playback controls and shows that the app is attempting to play a 0:00 second video. We can tap on the X to close the video player and then use the app as normal, however, this isn't ideal.

It doesn't occur in the following scenarios:

  • On wen using the App Builder Simulator, for either iOS or Android.
  • Using a virtual Android device emulator through Android Studio

It does happen when using a physical iPhone.

The above suggests to me that it's not an issue on our website, as one would expect to see the same issue when using the Median Simulator or in Android Studio emulator. Given that it's happening on multiple physical iPhones, I can only assume that it's an issue with the iOS app itself. However, I'm not sure how to proceed with investigating this issue, or whether I can actually do anything about it if it's an issue with the app itself.