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Auth0 Plugin integration


we bought the auth0 plugin a while ago, but then shelved the integration due to unresolved issues with the medianBridge as well as other tasks having higher priority.

We've started looking into this again and I'm struggling to make sense of how this is supposed to work - simply put we need an accessToken to authorize against our backend, but the loginUniversal() method only seems to return an idToken. I can see that the auth0 endpoint itself does in fact return an accessToken, but this is not passed on by the loginUniversal callback, nor set as a cookie on the headers of the integrated wepapp, so how do we retrieve this? The existing documentation is very barebones and digging through the sources of the medianbridge npm package (in the hope of finding some better documentation there or even a type definition of the interfaces) hasn't yielded any usable information.