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OneSignal "Personalized Push POST" API differen iOS/Android


Unfortunately it seems the iOS and the personalized Push Post endpoint sends diferent naming of values:

    "hardware": "arm64",
    "oneSignalPushToken": "[redacted]",
    "oneSignalSubscribed": true,
    "oneSignalRequiresUserPrivacyConsent": false,
    "osVersion": "17.0.1",
    "appId": "app.[redacted].ios",
    "distribution": "debug",
    "os": "iOS",
    "installationId": "[redacted]",
    "platform": "ios",
    "timeZone": "Europe",
    "language": "en-CH",
    "deviceName": "iPhone 15 Pro",
    "oneSignalUserId": "[redacted]",
    "isFirstLaunch": false,
    "publicKey": "[redacted]",
    "appVersion": "3.0",
    "appBuild": "2",
    "model": "iPhone"

    "oneSignalRegistrationId": "[redacted]",
    "appVersion": "1.0.0",
    "os": "Android",
    "timeZone": "Europe",
    "language": "en",
    "oneSignalUserId": "[redacted]",
    "publicKey": "nmejkm",
    "oneSignalPushToken": "[redacted]",
    "distribution": "debug",
    "appVersionCode": 209,
    "deviceName": "Google sdk_gphone64_arm64",
    "platform": "android",
    "oneSignalPushDisabled": false,
    "oneSignalRequiresUserPrivacyConsent": true,
    "osVersion": "13",
    "oneSignalNotificationsEnabled": false,
    "appId": "app.[redacted].android.debug",
    "model": "Google sdk_gphone64_arm64",
    "installationId": "[redacted]",
    "hardware": "google/sdk_gphone64_arm64"

oneSignalSubscribed vs. oneSignalNotificationsEnabled and many more.

On Android those values are at least correct it seems but on iOS the "oneSignalSubscribed" is always true even tho he is not subscribed or has seen the push permission popup yet.

Is this webhook intended solely for the oneSignalUserId or would this be possible to be fixed?

Thank you