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NPM package for median js bridge out of sync with documentation

When checking your documentation here:

and checking your actual implementation here:

there's a bunch of stuff which isn't aligned., mode) doesn't take a mode parameter according your implementation here

Also the way the links should be configured at runtime doesn't align with your documentation. According to your documentation we have to pass an array like:

var rulesArray = [ { "id": 1, "regex": "https?://maps\\.google\\.com._", "mode": "external" }, { "id": 2, "regex": "https?://([-\\w]+\\.)_google\\.com/maps/search/._", "mode": "external" }, { "id": 3, "regex": "https?://([-\\w]+\\.)_linkedin\\.com/._", "mode": "external" }, { "id": 4, "regex": "https?://([-\\w]+\\.)_nytimes\\.com/._", "mode": "appbrowser" }, { "id": 5, "regex": "https?://([-\\w]+\\.)_wsj\\.com/.*", "mode": "appbrowser" } ];

But typescript complains that entries in the rules array should have an internal property instead.