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Introducing Shopify’s new integration for e-commerce apps

Today, is thrilled to announce an exciting new integration between Shopify and This means Shopify merchants can now — more easily than ever — launch full-feature mobile apps to drive revenue and engagement with customers.

We’re excited to collaborate with Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform trusted by nearly 5 million merchants — including multi-million-in-revenue retailers like Sephora, Staples, and Nestle —  who leverage Shopify technology to create online stores and sell their products or services. 

Our robust platform combined with our experienced team makes Median a game-changer for Shopify merchants of all sizes. -Kingsley Gifford, CEO @ Median

While any merchant can use to deliver a mobile app, our platform is best suited for Shopify merchants with $50M+ in annual turnover who are onboarding to Shopify from other e-commerce platforms and need to migrate to a new app with similar integrations.

Meet Shopify and

Shopify is a complete cloud-based commerce platform that enables anyone to start, grow, manage, and scale their business with ease. Using its platform, merchants can proactively build and customize their online store, and sell across multiple channels like websites, mobile devices, in-person brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops. 

They can also access features like inventory management, payment processing, and shipping options, as well as marketing, analytics, and customer engagement tools that help merchants grow their online presence and increase sales. streamlines app development, enabling web developers, startups, and large enterprise customers to effortlessly create iOS and Android apps powered by their existing web content, and to equip these apps with essential native features that can captivate users. 

With this new Median integration, Shopify merchants can now unlock a whole new aspect to their businesses — with mobile apps that have the features needed to delight customers and drive revenue, including e-commerce and retail functionalities that are typically more complex and costly to deliver.

Full-feature native apps built with Median can provide support for push notification platforms, analytics tools, NFC, iBeacon, QR/barcode scanning, and much more.

Want to learn more about our plugins?

Our selection of plugins consists of dozens of native functionalities

Plugin library

What does the new x Shopify integration entail?’s mission is to simplify mobile app development for web developers, startups, and large enterprises.  Our integration with Shopify brings the best of Median to Shopify merchants of all sizes. Now, merchants can offer powerful native apps with features and functionality that drive customer satisfaction and business results.

Median stands out amongst other options for app development. Compared to basic wrapper apps, Median offers powerful native app features and integrations with third-party services. Compared to traditional native app development, Median's App Studio platform, plus support services, streamlines the app-launch as well as ongoing maintenance. 

The result is a higher quality, more advanced app for less effort and cost.

Build a Shopify app using
With Median’s App Studio, Shopify merchants can instantlybuild and customize their app, and can preview it in real time on our suite ofiOS and Android device simulators. Image credit:

With Median’s App Studio, Shopify merchants can instantly build and customize their app, and have the ability to preview it in real time on our suite of iOS and Android device simulators.

Retailers will benefit from the Median + Shopify partnership by, more easily than ever, being able to deliver an exceptional web and app e-commerce experience to engage customers and drive business growth.

"We're thrilled to launch this integration and to bring the best of Median to Shopify merchants,” says Median’s CEO, Kingsley Gifford. “Our e-commerce customers deliver exceptional app experiences with Median's integrations to push notification platforms, analytics tools, NFC, iBeacon, barcode scanning, and much more. Our robust platform combined with our experienced team makes Median a game-changer for Shopify merchants of all sizes."

What features can Shopify merchants enjoy with this new integration?

With a focus on simplicity and efficacy, offers a range of features designed to facilitate smooth migration to Shopify from other e-commerce platforms. 

These include:

  • Enhanced audience engagement: Drive customer engagement and boost revenue through personalized push notifications using any provider.
  • Unified digital + in-store experiences: Merchants can integrate their digital app experiences seamlessly with in-store shopping — using advanced functionality like QR/barcodes, NFC, and iBeacons.
  • Third-party integrations: Median integrates with leading providers ranging from analytics to app optimization to point-of-sale terminals.
  • App Store approval guarantee: Merchants can publish their apps to the Apple App Store and Google Play with confidence — thanks to Median’s app store publishing service and a 100% approval guarantee.
  • Dedicated support: Businesses can choose to receive top-tier technical support, and regular app updates and maintenance from Median’s expert team.
  • Enterprise-level security: Merchants can ensure robust mobile security and privacy compliance for their business needs and internal policies.
How to convert website to app with
Shopify merchants will benefitfrom Median’s “Apps made easier” approach. Image credit:

Get in touch to learn more

Trusted by prominent retailers, Median's "apps made easier" approach frees up the usual time spent on app development, and reduces complexity so that our customers can launch and maintain full-feature native apps without internal app development expertise.

We’re excited to extend our offerings to leading Shopify merchants to help them deliver high-quality mobile apps that their customers will love.

Want to learn more? If you’re a Shopify merchant looking to simplify your app development experience, get in touch with our team for our expert help, and visit our listing in the Shopify App Store.

*DISCLAIMER: This content is provided solely for informational purposes. It is not exhaustive and may not be relevant for your requirements. While we have obtained and compiled this information from sources we believe to be reliable, we cannot and do not guarantee its accuracy. This content is not to be considered professional advice and does not form a professional relationship of any kind between you and LLC or its affiliates. is the industry-leading end-to-end solution for developing, publishing, and maintaining native mobile apps for iOS and Android powered by web content. When considering any technology vendor we recommend that you conduct detailed research and “read the fine print” before using their services.*
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