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What is Median?

Need to convert a website or web application into a native app? Median provides an easy to use online App Studio platform used by thousands of companies and web developers to build highly custom native iOS and Android apps powered by web-based content. Get started on your first app at

Want to build an app without needing to learn our platform? We offer a full-service app configuration service. Our team will meet with you to determine your requirements and will configure a ready-to-publish app.

Need help publishing your app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store? We offer an app store publishing service. We will publish your app to both stores, managing the process from end to end.

Need to ensure your apps continue to function through future device and operating system updates? We offer enterprise-grade support and maintenance agreements with SLA terms, effectively becoming your fractional mobile app development team so you can launch and maintain native apps without needing any iOS or Android developers.

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What do I need to create my app?

All you need is the URL of your existing website and within minutes the Median online App Studio will create a native app that displays your web content. Median’s App Studio is free of charge to test and evaluate. Enter your URL at

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How long does it take to create my app?

The Median App Studio will build your app within minutes. You’ll then be able to preview your app immediately in our browser-based simulators or download to test on a physical device. Once you’ve finished configuring your app you can then publish to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Looking to have our team configure and publish your app? Typically we can have your app configured and published to the app stores within two weeks.

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Can I create a white-label app without any Median branding?

Of course! All apps created using Median can and should be customized with your own branding before being published. You can replace the app icon and app splash screen with your own images, and customize all user interface colors to align with your brand identity.

Get started customizing your app by adding your own app icon.

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Will this work with my website?

Yes! The Median platform works with all website development platforms. Your app will display your website content as it is displayed in a mobile web browser such as Mobile Safari or Mobile Chrome.

We have many customers who develop their web content using Wordpress, Weebly, Wix, Webflow, and more. And customers who build web applications to deploy as web apps using Microsoft .NET and SharePoint, Salesforce Lightning,

Most websites will display within apps created using Median automatically. To build highly immersive native apps as a web developer use the Median JavaScript Bridge to add a range of native functionality

  • Change the app status bar color dynamically to match your web content and branding
  • Add native navigation menus such as a native bottom tab bar menu
  • Adjust the device screen brightness when displaying a QR code for other devices to scan
  • Prevent the device screen from timing out and going to sleep when showing long form content for the user to read

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What's different than a basic webview wrapper app?

Apps built using Median are much more than a wrapper app. The Median platform allows you to build an app with advanced native functionality and features. You can add native navigation menus, native push notifications (with OneSignal and other push providers), and incorporate our premium native plugins such as Face ID / Touch ID Biometric authentication, Social Login, QR/Barcode scanner, In-App Purchases, and much more.

When building your app you'll also benefit from the Median build platform which has been supported and maintained since early 2014. As iOS and Android changes are released you can rebuild your app using the Median App Studio to maintain compatibility while avoiding the overhead that comes from maintaining your own code base.

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How are app updates handled?

Median maintains our common app codebase to ensure compatibility with future iOS and Android updates so you don’t have to worry about maintaining code and can deliver your apps without needing any iOS or Android developers. After an initial app license purchase an active support and updates plan is required to obtain and use future updates, and a plan can be added at any point in the future.

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What happens if something changes within my website?

All changes made to your website will be reflected immediately in your app similarly to how they are reflected immediately in a standard mobile browser. Native apps built using Median obey the same cache headers as a standard browser. If you are experiencing delays seeing your updated website reflected in your app you should verify the cache headers that are being sent by your web server and review potential solutions in our documentation.

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Can I modify the source code for my app?

Yes! Full source code for iOS and Android is available for download and your license permits modification of the source. You may use Xcode and Android Studio to make any required changes and customizations.

After you've made changes you may work with the Median engineering team who can create a custom plugin based on your modifications so that you can continue to receive ongoing app updates through the Median App Studio.

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What are the benefits of converting my website into an app rather than building one from scratch?

Using Median, you can build your own iOS and Android app in minutes, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a developer to build an app from scratch. By converting your existing website into a native app, you will only need to maintain a single web codebase rather than separate iOS and Android apps.

Need to add advanced native features? We offer a range of Native Plugins that will get the job done or you can engage our team for custom development to add the native functionality you require. You will then only need to build an integration once using the Median JavaScript Bridge, a powerful API built into your app that allows your website to communicate with and control your app.

Using Median allows you to focus on developing the content and business logic of your app rather than hiring developers to build, update, and configure low-level native code from scratch. We make this process easy so you don’t have to worry about all of the technicalities and can focus on what really matters: creating a high quality experience for your users.

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What is a Native Plugin?

Native Plugins are code modules that can be added to your iOS and Android app that provide access to native device hardware, functionality, and third-party services. Native Plugins are easily accessed through the Median JavaScript Bridge, a powerful API built into your app that allows your website to communicate with and control your app.

Some of our featured plug-ins include OneSignal Push Notifications, Touch ID/Face ID Biometric Authentication, Social Login with native Google Sign In, Facebook Login, and Sign-in with Apple, QR/Barcode Scanner, In-App Purchases. Check out our full Native Plugin library here.

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Licences & Purchases

How much does Median cost?

There is no cost to build a Median Free app for non-commercial purposes. When published to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store your app will display a small "Powered by" message at launch and the JavaScript Bridge will not be available for advanced integration.

To build a completely white label app with full JavaScript Bridge capabilities a Median Professional license can be purchased directly within our App Studio on the Licence tab on our website at

In addition to the app license, we offer a variety of optional add-ons and services. These include:

  • Push Notifications using our integration with OneSignal or through other push notification providers.
  • Native Plugins that provide access to a range of device functionality and third-party services.
  • A Full-Service Concierge service, where our team handles and completes all app development work to produce a publish-ready app using the Median platform.
  • An App Store Publishing service, where our team completes all steps that are required to publish your app to the app stores and guarantees successful approval
  • Custom development to extend the Median platform to integrate third-party SDKs and add advanced functionality for your specific use case
  • And more!

Full pricing details are available via our pricing tool.

How many apps can be published with each license?

Each license allows you to publish one app, which includes versions for both iOS and Android devices. Your license is attached to your iOS Bundle ID and Android Package Name. To ensure there are no license issues during your initial app release and future app updates verify that these identifiers within your app on our platform match your app listing within your Apple App Store Connect and Google Play accounts. More information on app identifiers can be found in our docs.

For our partner development agencies who are building many apps, we offer volume-based pricing.

How do I apply my license to my app?

After the purchase of your license, you will receive an email including a copy of your executed license agreement and a link to your license management page.

To apply your license, you will be asked for the iOS Bundle Id and Android Package Name you will use for your app store submissions. Generally, these identifiers are in reverse domain notation and look similar to

If you've built your app through our online build platform, you will also be asked for the Private Management URL for the app you will be publishing. This is the link that was emailed to you after building through our website.

After applying your license, you do not need to rebuild or re-download your app.

I receive an error saying my app is not licensed?

It’s important that the iOS Bundle ID and Android Package Name on your license match the identifiers you are using to publish your app. Contact GoNative Support if you need to update these values on your license. If you worked with a third-party developer to build your app make sure they are an approved GoNative partner and that you have received a valid GoNative license. More information on app identifiers.

Can I add Native Plugins to my app in the future?

Yes! Native Plugins can be purchased either initially with your app license via a Custom Package or added to your license in the future via your License Management page. You can also add our Full-Service App Configuration service or App Store Publishing Service in the future.

What kinds of support does Median provide?

We receive a high volume of emails and our dedicated team aims to respond to all email inquiries as soon as possible. However, we prioritize customers who have an active support plan and meet the SLA terms set out in such plans.

Contact us for more information on our support and maintenance plans. For eligible clients we offer phone-based technical support.

Is there a discount for an Android-only or iOS-only license?

Unfortunately we do not discount our license for use on a single platform. Our platform is designed to create one full-featured app with iOS and Android versions and we are not able to license an app for a single platform or for a subset of features.

What is Median's refund policy?

Median offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee subject to the following:

  • Refund applies to software license portion of the purchase only and does not apply to any services provided by Median (refunds are available up until the the Median has commenced delivering the service)
  • Refund does not apply to purchases of native plugin software if the source code has been provided. * Contact Median to obtain a binary evaluation app if testing is required in advance of purchase.
  • Refund requests must be made within 90 days of purchase.


Will I be able to publish my app to the Apple App Store and Google Play?

Yes! You can either publish your app yourself or you can use our experienced team to handle the publishing end-to-end and make the process as seamless as possible.

Both app stores require specific criteria for apps submitted. Our Publishing Guide contains all of the information you will need to self-publish your app.

Whether you choose to self-publish or have our team publish on your behalf you will need an Apple Developer Account and a Google Play Developer Account. You can apply for both accounts using the links below.

How long will it take to publish my app?

Apple's review and approval process is typically completed within 3-5 days while the Google Play Store approval process is usually complete within a day.

It is important to be very attentive to detail when self-publishing as both App Stores have specific criteria for approval. Check out our Publishing Guide for complete details.

We also offer an App Store Publishing Service and will manage the complete publishing process and guarantee your app is approved in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Find out more information by reading App Store Publishing Service.

How do I publish an internal employee-only app?

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store are intended for public apps that can be downloaded and used by anyone. Apps that provide public content and also include a logged-in area for employees are typically acceptable. As are apps that are intended to be used by a wide variety of external partners and contractors. However, strictly internal corporate apps such as scheduling, timesheet, employee portal/intranet type apps may need to be published to a private app store or distributed via an MDM solution. Contact our support team for guidance based on your specific requirements.

How do I improve search results for my app?

Apple and Google provide suggestions for optimizing your App Store and Play Store listings.

Optimizing for Apple App Store search

Get discovered on Google Play search

How can I accept payments within my app?

For Android apps you may continue to use your web-based payments flow in your apps without any issues. You may optionally add our In-App Purchases Native Plugin to streamline the payment process and provide support for premium features and subscriptions. Review the Google Play Billing Overview, Google Play Billing Technical Details and review our Google IAP Native Plugin Documentation.

Apple makes a distinction between "physical" and "digital" goods sold within your app, and requires use of their in-app purchase ("IAP") APIs for selling "digital" goods. Learn more about Apple's Payment Guidelines. The advantage of using Apple IAP is ease of use for end users who can purchase via their Apple iTunes account with a quick tap. However, Apple will charge a processing fee, typically 15% for the first $1 million in revenue and 30% thereafter. Review the Apple Small Business Program and consult with Apple for the current fees in your region.

A "physical" good is something delivered or consumed outside of your app. For example, the app sells physical goods and thus does not need to use Apple's in-app purchase APIs. These purchases can go through standard web checkout flow like Stripe, PayPal, etc.

A "digital" good is something like a new weapon in a game, or a workout video delivered as part of a premium membership in your app. Digital goods are delivered or consumed within your app, and payments are required to go through Apple's in-app purchase APIs.

There are two main strategies to manage this requirement:

  1. Remove the ability for people to make digital purchases within your app. Users can use your app in the same way as your website but simply cannot make digital purchases within it. Many widely-used apps such as Audible employ this approach. To configure your website to remove these payment links please see our guide on Detecting App Usage and review Apple's Payment Guidelines.
  2. Purchase our In-App Purchases native plugin and integrate within your website following our documentation. Learn more about Apple In-App Purchases and review our Apple IAP Native Plugin Documentation.


Will my app stop working if I don’t update it?

Your app will function indefinitely on the devices supported at time of launch. However, future iOS and Android releases, and new devices, often require your app to be updated to maintain compatibility. Your development team can maintain the source code provided as needed or you can subscribe to app updates from Median.

When do I need to update my app?

We recommend updating your app annually or coinciding with major iOS and Android releases and new device launches. With an active plan from Median w updating to our latest source code is seamless and will ensure that your app will perform as expected for all of your users. As we are always optimizing app performance and adding new features you will gain the benefits of our ongoing improvements.

How do I update my app?

  1. Make any required changes to your app in the App Studio and preview your apps in the browser-based mobile device simulators to verify basic functionality.
  2. Create a new iOS and/or Android build as required on the Build & Download tab. You will need to subscribe to a support and updates plan if not yet active.
  3. Publish your updated app
  • If engaging the Median Publishing Team to publish your apps proceed to purchase an App Update Publishing service on the Services tab as shown in the below screenshot. You will receive an automated email with next steps and through the publishing process our team will upload your app for on-device testing using TestFlight.
  • If you are self-publishing refer to our documentation to Build iOS from source and Install Android APK, and submit your updated apps to the corresponding app stores.


Do you have more technical questions about Median?

Check out our documentation to review common technical questions and learn more about building apps using Median.

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