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Real estate CRM breaks ground with branded apps for brokerages

Ruuster trusts Median to deploy top-tier white-label apps for brokerages, real estate agents, buyers, and sellers.

The challenge: Build sophisticated, scalable apps for agents on-the-go

A Chicago-based startup, Ruuster is always busy building custom client-facing apps for real estate brokerages. This can be an involved process, as real agents often toggle between several systems to interact with their clients, listings, documents, and suppliers. Ruuster’s solutions revolutionize real estate by uniting these activities in one easy-to-use web platform.

The challenge? Deliver the Ruuster system via branded  native apps for every brokerage — at scale. Ideally, the company needed to build budget-friendly apps that would provide measurable ROI for their clients at a reasonable price point, and improve the experience for end clients — whether they're selling their existing home or searching for a new one.

With our business model, we're launching white-label apps constantly on behalf of clients. Turning the deployment of these apps into a variable vs. a fixed cost gives us the freedom to scale quickly and focus on feature development, where our expertise and resources are best invested. Median has pricing and a platform that helps us do just that.
Brett Siegal
CEO, Ruuster

The solution: One seamless app for busy brokers

To meet the demand, Ruuster explored building vs. buying a native app builder. That’s when emerged as a powerful, cost-efficient platform to deliver native apps as part of their end-to-end solution.

Ruuster put Median to work, integrating their platform and other services into branded brokerage apps, and implementing personalized services, reports, and push notifications for users.

They were also able to centralize interactions and workflows directly in the apps, thus giving brokerages visibility into agent activities while also serving the needs of modern buyers and sellers.

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The result: A scalable mobile app strategy that makes sense

By teaming with Median, Ruuster is now rolling out more apps to more brokerages at an unstoppable pace — and at lower fixed costs. Rooster CTO Arthur Stavnitser notes that Median enables Ruuster to focus on its core business and platform, rather than on building and supporting scores of new native apps.

We would recommend Median’s support program because they handle the Apple App Store and Google Play publishing process for you. Median’s plans include a guarantee to ensure each app is approved by Apple and Google. Median helps Ruuster to scale quickly by managing all app submissions and ongoing updates.

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