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Median launches plugin

Median is excited to announce that our Median JavaScript Bridge Bubble Plugin is available on for wide release! Bubble users can now create advanced native apps using Median with the simplicity of a drag-and-drop experience. It has never been easier to build a full-featured native app and publish to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


  • Founded in 2012 is a point-and-click programming tool for building web applications. Anyone can design, develop and launch powerful web apps, and no prior coding experience is needed.
  • Bubble is a visual programming language that uses visual logic rather than lines of text that lets you build applications without typing code; it’s an alternative to Ruby-on-Rails or Django. hosts all applications on its cloud platform.
  • Bubble believes in a world where the average person can create technology, not just consume it
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About Median

  • Founded in 2014, Median provides an online platform to convert websites and web applications into stunning feature-rich native iOS and Android apps using only web development.
  • Median offers a wide range of native plugins that add advanced features to your app, including push notifications, Face ID/Touch ID login, QR/barcode scanning, native video calling, and many more.
  • Median provides services to help customers build and publish apps to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store; and offers ongoing support and maintenance.

Median JavaScript Bridge Bubble plugin

The Median JavaScript Bubble plugin makes it easier to build a full-feature native app using and Median. The plugin allows you to use Bubble’s simple drag and drop interface to call JavaScript Bridge commands from your Bubble web application. Median's powerful JavaScript Bridge provides access to mobile device hardware and native plugins directly from your Bubble web app while it is being displayed within your native iOS and Android apps. 

Examples of native functionality:

  • Dynamically set the user’s screen brightness to maximum to display a QR code 
  • Add a “Share Page” button to share web content to other apps
  • Load contacts stored in the user’s address book
  • Launch a native video call using Twilio or another provider
  • Send push notifications from OneSignal or another provider
  • Incorporate native navigation menus to help app users seamlessly navigate your app if you are showing web content from different platforms

To add the Median JavaScript Bridge Bubble Plugin to your Bubble project visit

To learn how to use the Median Bubble Plugin, visit our documentation.

To test out the functionality provided by the Bubble plugin for yourself, run our demo Bubble app on a mobile device simulator in your browser.

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Want to know how it all works?

Get hands-on with Median’s comprehensive documentation, and build your app with ease.

View Documentation
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