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Median’s Adjust native plugin provides access to the Adjust platform for push notifications and app analytics. When it comes to marketing and push notifications, relying on guesswork simply won't cut it. Harness Adjust's full tracking and attribution analytics, including campaign, ad group, and creative level optimization, to create and optimize your growth and engagement strategy like never before. No more vague insights or uncertain outcomes here!

With Adjust, you get data-driven actionable insights, empowering you to make smarter decisions faster. This platform covers all bases with advanced data reporting, visualization, and analysis. Looking for flexible measurement solutions tailored to iOS? They've got that covered, too.

But it doesn't stop there. Adjust also offers extensive capabilities for unlimited raw data access, dynamic audience segmentation, and real-time mobile fraud prevention. Plus, their marketing automation saves you valuable time and money.

Take charge of your marketing and push notification strategy and unlock the true potential of your app's success. Leave guesswork behind and embrace the power of data-driven optimization with Adjust.

Key features


Data-driven decision making:

Supercharge your marketing and push notification strategy with robust app analytics and reliable attribution, making every decision backed by data.


Streamlined efficiency:

Save time and money with marketing automation and advanced data reporting, allowing you to optimize your push notifications effortlessly.


Enhanced performance and security:

Maximize performance and protect your app from mobile fraud in real-time with unlimited raw data access and cutting-edge mobile fraud prevention.

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