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Jailbreaking and rooting pose a significant threat to the security and integrity of mobile apps. These practices grant users elevated access privileges, enabling them to bypass app restrictions and potentially allowing them to access and compromise sensitive data.

That’s where our Jailbreak/Root Detection native plugin comes in. It will ensure your app meets security requirements by identifying if your app is running on a jailbroken/rooted device, supporting you in maintaining a secure environment for your users and protecting sensitive data.

Powered in part by the DTTJailbreakDetection library for iOS and the rootbeer library for Android, our plugin uses cutting-edge techniques, including analysis of binaries, apps, and URL protocols, to offer a robust level of detection. While no method can claim absolute foolproof accuracy, our solution provides a significant defense against compromise, empowering you to warn users or disable access if needed.

Ensure your app is fully compliant with security requirements, protect access to your systems and data, and gain peace of mind with our Jailbreak/Root Detection native plugin. Available for eligible Enterprise customers only.

Key features


Enhanced app security:

Help protect your app and backend systems from data breaches and unauthorized access by detecting and mitigating access from jailbroken/rooted devices.


Compliance assurance:

Meet compliance requirements by providing a validated and reliable means to identify compromised devices.


Effective protective action:

Safeguard your users from potential security vulnerabilities by proactively warning them or disabling access.

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