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Ensuring a consistent, seamless user experience while managing data on user devices can be a daunting task. Your Median-powered app will store web cookie data similar to browsers. However, 3rd party cookie restrictions, app upgrades/uninstallations, and mobile device changes often result in lost settings and frustrated users. That's where our Native Datastore plugin comes in, offering a vital solution to save app settings and string data.

Median’s Native Data Store plugin offers multiple options based on your needs. Data can be stored to the local device in App Storage mode. This option ensures your data is accessible regardless of cookie availability, different URLs, or after a full device backup and restoration to a new device. You may also choose to use Cloud Storage mode which will synchronize the data to the user’s connected iCloud or Android Backup Service. This option allows your data to be accessible across multiple devices connected to the same account.

Thankfully, integrating Native Datastore into your Median app is a breeze thanks to our handy App Studio and JavaScript Bridge. Provide a satisfying, personalized experience to your users by preserving critical data and preferences this powerful native plugin.

Whether you require a fresh start with each app update or seek to maintain continuity across devices and versions, Native Datastore has got you covered. 

At the same time, when your users require a clean slate after major changes, the plugin offers the App Storage option to ensure that user preferences are reset when necessary.

Key features


Ensure data is always available:

Avoid the pain of missing local data and ensure login session data and user settings are stored natively to user devices.


Make updates smoother:

Seamlessly sync user preferences across devices and app versions, avoiding any disruptions caused by upgrades or reinstallation.


Enjoy a fast and effortless integration:

Native Datastore seamlessly integrates into your app development process through our handy App Studio and JavaScript Bridge.

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Frequently asked questions about Native Datastore

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