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About this plugin

Empower your mobile app with the limitless potential of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. With Median's NFC Tag Scanner native plugin, your app can seamlessly scan and read data from any NFC tag — be it a membership card, equipment asset tracker, interactive exhibit display, or any application you can dream up. NFC tags are more robust than optical solutions (such as QR codes) across a range of environmental conditions.

Compatible with both iOS and Android platform, this plugin offers comprehensive functionality. You can initiate tag reading while your app is open through Median JavaScript Bridge commands. And, on supported devices, enjoy the added functionality of background tag reading while your app is closed, using universal links. 

Take your app to new heights by unlocking the full potential of NFC technology for your users. Elevate their experience with Median's NFC Tag Scanner plugin.

Key features


Interactive experiences:

Streamline processes and create sophisticated user experiences by allowing users to effortlessly tap a membership card or engage with real-world objects through a simple tap of their phone.


Polished native UI:

Once a scan request has been initiated, the iOS default UI for NFC is launched, providing a familiar experience for users. On Android, a custom UI that provides a comparable experience is launched.


Background scanning:

On compatible devices, the NFC Tag Scanner supports background tag reading, even while your app is closed, using universal links.

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