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About this plugin

Providing your users uninterrupted access to important files, even without an internet connection, contributes greatly to their experience and at times may be an absolute necessity for operational or safety requirements. Users appreciate having access to important content when traveling or otherwise working in areas without a reliable internet connection. Additionally, it may be preferable to download large files only while on WiFi or with an unlimited data connection.

The Offline Downloads native plugin is a valuable addition to any app that aims to provide uninterrupted content access. This app comes in handy whether a consumer app that focuses on news, magazine articles, e-books, podcasts, music, videos, or other content types, or an enterprise app that provides access to sales material, equipment manuals and documentation, or safety procedures. Regardless of use case, this plugin provides users access to files without relying solely on an internet connection.

Files are downloaded asynchronously via URLs passed to the Median JavaScript Bridge. During and upon completion, the plugin invokes a callback with download status and progress which can be used to display a progress bar or other indicator in your web environment. Another JavaScript Bridge function is used to launch a native UI that lists all available files which can be used to then open any file in the default application registered on the device for that file type.

Integrate the Offline Download Manager into your app and enhance your app's user experience with seamless access to content!

Key features


Limitless access to content offline:

Users can access downloaded files even when outside of cellular coverage, ensuring they have access to important content anytime, anywhere.


Bandwidth optimization:

Save bandwidth by allowing users to download files once and access them offline in the future. This helps reduce data usage and provides a more efficient user experience.


Smooth, reliable performance:

The Offline Downloads plugin ensures a consistent user experience by making content readily available, even when connected through a poor network connection.

faqs about this plugin

Frequently asked questions about Offline Downloads

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