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About this plugin

Median’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) native plugin provides access to the SFMC platform to help create an engaging app experience through push notifications. Salesforce is famous for offering top-of-the-line digital marketing solutions, and their push notification service is no exception. Marketing Cloud MobilePush empowers you to create and send compelling notifications and integrate them with email, SMS, and social media campaigns for a cohesive customer experience

By leveraging data from multiple channels, you can precisely target your notifications to the right audience. Manage segmented audiences effortlessly and deliver personalized messages that truly resonate with your users – even when your app is not open. And, use powerful analytics for valuable insights to optimize your campaigns.

Add Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s MobilePush capabilities to your Median app and provide your users with an exceptional push notification experience.

Key features


Maximize user engagement:

Send targeted and personalized push notifications, capturing your users' attention and driving them to actively use your app.


Seamless multichannel integration:

Easily integrate push notification campaigns with email, SMS, and social media efforts, ensuring a cohesive and impactful customer experience across multiple channels.


Actionable insights for success:

Track campaign performance, view push notification open rates, and gain valuable analytics to optimize your strategies and enhance customer engagement.

faqs about this plugin

Frequently asked questions about Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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