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About this plugin

Users don’t enjoy being asked to create a new account with a username and password when prompted on a website or mobile app. In fact, many will abandon the registration process on your website or app when this obstacle is encountered. And this is exactly where Social Login functionality helps.

This powerful plugin is a user-friendly alternative that allows users to sign into your native app seamlessly using their existing login credentials from popular identity providers Facebook Login, Google Sign-in, and Sign in with Apple. Median’s Social Login plugin implements the native iOS and Android vendor SDKs, providing a full-feature native app login experience for your users. If a user is already signed in on their device, your app will automatically access their logged in profiles and offer a single-tap experience. This makes for fast, frictionless registration and login processes which will improve your app’s sign-up conversion rates and engagement.

What’s more, Social Login gives you access to more accurate user profile information that has already been verified by these third-party platforms. This can help you avoid gathering fake email addresses that some users might otherwise use to register.

Looking to get more out of registrations and provide a better experience for your app users? Take the next step in improving user engagement and satisfaction by integrating Social Login into your native app.

Key features


Improve your registration experience:

Reduce the friction of creating new accounts by enabling users to sign into your app using their existing account and a single tap.


Learn more about your users:

Reduce fake users and bounced emails, and gather genuine user information that was verified by established identity providers.


Make it easy to come back:

Improve app engagement by letting returning users log into your app with just a single tap.


Comply with App Store guidelines:

Apple mandates that apps that support any identity provider must also support Sign-in with Apple — Median has you covered!

faqs about this plugin

Frequently asked questions about Social Login

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