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Median’s Xtremepush native plugin provides access to the Xtremepush platform to help create an engaging app experience at every stage of the customer's mobile journey. It's the essential channel for brands seeking superior ROI from their mobile app. Xtremepush empowers you to transform customers into regular app users through personalized, real-time notifications.

With this platform’s segmentation and personalization capabilities, you can tailor notifications to individual users, maximizing their relevance and driving conversions. Captivate your audience with rich media support and visually stunning content.

Real-time delivery and dynamic content ensure that your messages are always fresh and timely, guaranteeing maximum impact. Gain valuable insights into your campaigns with detailed analytics and A/B/n testing to refine your strategies for optimal results. Harness the potential of multi-language campaigns, event and behavioral triggers, intelligent delivery, and automation.

Unlock the full potential of your mobile app and boost user engagement, retention, and revenue by adding Xtremepush to your Median app.

Key features


Personalized engagement:

Connect with your app users on a personal level through tailored, real-time notifications with rich media.


Location-based impact:

Drive foot traffic and enhance app experiences by reaching customers based on their location with Bluetooth Beacons and Geofencing.


Data-driven optimization:

Maximize your app's potential with detailed analytics, A/B testing, and intelligent automation for data-driven campaign optimization.

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