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Unlocking App Store approval time: Speed up your App Review process

TL;DR: The app review process can be a daunting one when your application’s success is at stake, so this post will guide you through what to expect. We’ll look into the timeline of the App Store approval procedure as well as factors influencing the success of your app in during this process. Review times may vary, but we’ll give advice on managing rejections or delays if they occur during your app's review process, too.

Key Takeaways

  • App Store approval time typically ranges from 24-48 hours, depending on factors such as adherence to guidelines and app quality.
  • Tips for a faster review process include ensuring completeness, complying with guidelines, providing accurate metadata & staying up-to-date with changes.
  • Leverage tools & resources like CI/CD tools, App Store Connect & Apple Developer Documentation to streamline the submission process.

Understanding the App Store approval timeline

Before we can start talking about strategies to accelerate the app store approval process, it’s necessary to understand what this timeline typically looks like. Applications take between 24-48 hours for assessment and half of them are evaluated within a day while ninety percent is completed in 48 hours. Factors such as adherence to regulation guidelines along with quality standards and privacy concerns determine how long authorization may last.

Comprehending both time expectations and components that impact review will help you optimize your application prior to submitting, thus reducing prospective delays associated with its acceptance.

Average App Store review time

In terms of app submissions, Apple claims that it reviews 90% within a day and the remaining 10% within 48 hours. On the other hand, Google Play Store’s review period is longer with an average wait time spanning from several days to up to a week. These numbers are just estimations, though, as individual experiences may differ significantly from them.

The App Store has seen improved timelines lately, where half of all applications get examined within 24 hours while over 90% receive response before the two-day mark hits, according to what Apple states explicitly. And it is maintaining these times consistently, despite changes in peak activity periods for reviewing apps.

Factors affecting app approval time

Compliance with Apple’s App Review Guidelines is of utmost importance, as noncompliance can lead to a delay or refusal during the approval process. The quality and utility of apps also influences their acceptance. They must meet high standards set by Apple in order for an app to be considered useful and entertaining enough to approve.

Data privacy regulations are necessary too - there needs to be measures taken for protecting user account information along with those involving in-app purchases, otherwise this could result in delays when going through review stages within the store.

Knowing these conditions will help increase chances that your application receives fast approval from Apple’s App Store.

Tips for a faster App Review process

Now, with an understanding of the timeline of getting apps through App Store approval, we can now focus on practical tricks to speed up the review process. To maximize our chances for a prompt acceptance, there are several actions that should be taken: making sure all sections of an app are completed and follow existing regulations; providing clear-cut metadata which is true and valid; and maintaining knowledge about changes in store directives.

Ensuring app completeness

Submitting a working, fully-operational app is key to having your submission go through without delays or rejections. Apple sees an incomplete application for App Store review as one with irrelevant data and connections that do not function properly. Technical issues such as crashes are signs of incompletion too.

The ideal situation for successful acceptance in the store is when you have created an appealing UI interface, full capability, engaging content all adhering to guidelines presented by Apple, this will ensure compatibility between apps within the App Store environment providing positive experiences overall.

By following these conditions prior to submitting, it can aid approval from the store’s reviewing team making sure there aren’t any unnecessary problems getting in your way!

Compliance with app store guidelines

Adhering to App Store guidelines is essential for a quicker app review procedure. Typical mistakes that could lead to an infringement of the App Store regulations include: Guideline infractions, system crashes and instability, poor performance, incomplete or deceiving information, as well as privacy concerns.

Staying aware of any changes made in these rules can be very helpful since non-adherence with the latest norms may cause your application to be denied acceptance into the store. 

Keeping informed on updates and taking feedback from Apple’s review squad are great strategies you should use if you want to fulfil all necessary criteria when it comes time for submission. Thus, you are avoiding unnecessary delays during the assessment process.

Providing clear and accurate metadata

Ensuring the app review process is seamless and efficient involves creating precise metadata for users to see on an App Store page prior to downloading. Imprecise descriptions, undisclosed features, and excessive or inappropriate keywords can all lead to rejections as well as delays in reviewing so it’s important that this data clearly details what the app offers and includes none of these issues.

Common errors such as mismatched screenshots, incomplete information, or improperly formatted text should be avoided at all costs if you want your submission accepted without any hassles. To guarantee a successful app review process with no hiccups along the way, make sure accuracy is held up when entering vital user-facing info about your application into store pages!

Monitoring changes to App Store guidelines

Staying up to date on the App Store’s latest regulations is essential for a speedy acceptance. Breaking their rules can result in application rejections or removal from the App Store entirely, so it’s important to stay informed of changes through Apple Developer website and sign-up for notifications via App Store Connect platform.

Proactively applying any alterations will both improve your chances of approval and ensure that users are satisfied with their experience by following official protocols correctly.

Navigating App Store rejections and delays

It's=s possible for apps to experience delays and rejections, regardless of the level of preparation. In this section, we'll look common explanations as to why such issues may arise and provide advice on appealing app decisions or mitigating any potential hold-ups in the review process. Having a thorough understanding of these challenges can help you ensure your application’s release runs smoothly with minimal obstacles getting in its way.

Reasons for App Store rejection

App rejections can occur due to many causes such as appearing fraudulent, possessing bugs and glitches, or violating user privacy. These issues may lead to delays.

In order to prevent an app's disapproval, app developers should ensure their products go through a strict testing phase prior to submitting them for review. Following all instructions specified by App Store Review Guidelines closely also helps you reach your goals faster with an expedited assessment process for accepted apps.

Appealing rejections

If your app gets rejected, it is essential to analyze the grounds for rejection and make corrections before submitting again. Apple provides an appeal process that can be addressed to its App Review Board. Having a successful outcome in such cases has fewer than 1% success rate.

To enhance your chances of getting accepted after appealing, some steps should be taken into account: scrutinize carefully Apple’s refusal message firstly, ensure strict adherence with the regulations established by the App Store Assessment Guidelines secondly, correct those discrepancies accordingly thirdly, test comprehensively Finally communicate professionally at all times during this procedure.

It goes without saying that following these guidelines will increase opportunities of approval from the App Store review team significantly.

Handling App Store review delays

Delays in the app review process can be an obstacle, but there are strategies to manage it. Common sources of delays include not meeting App Store Review Guidelines, bugs and crashes, as well as privacy issues or additional information requests. To prevent this from happening, you should present complete and accurate submission materials that follow these guidelines closely.

It’s also important to reply quickly if feedback is received or rejection occurs; engaging with Store teams for help if needed will all aid the approval process, too.

Leveraging tools and resources for a smooth app submission

This section looks at how App Store Connect, Apple Developer Documentation and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tools can help facilitate the app submission process to a smoother degree. Utilizing these resources will result in more effective management of submitting apps for review on the App Store as well as providing all other necessary information related to it.

Using CI/CD tools

CI/CD tools streamline the development and submission of apps, diminishing manual labor while reducing potential errors. These services allow developers to generate quality applications faster than before. Such CI/CD platforms applicable for mobile app formation include Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, CircleCI, etc.

By incorporating these instruments into your workflow, you can promise that any app under consideration will have been optimally examined and improved pre-submission with an assurance it won’t experience rejections as a result of flaws or crashes.

App Store Connect

Developers can access App Store Connect, a platform provided by Apple to facilitate the management of apps on their store. Through this dashboard, they gain tools and resources needed to control the distribution, performance monitoring and review stages involved in launching an app into the market.

Accessible guidelines along with best practices featured within the ‘app review information section’ enable developers to satisfy requirements for approval so that issues during submission or rejections from reviews are avoided as much as possible.

App Store Connect keeps developers informed about alterations or updates via notifications related to their given status throughout two processes - submitting your application, and also reviewing it after being sent through Apple’s own app store service.

Apple Developer Documentation

The Apple Developer Documentation is a comprehensive collection of resources provided by the company to aid developers in building apps for their various platforms like iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. This documentation contains sample codes as well as tutorials and API reference articles which are essential for complying with latest app development guidelines and optimizing the review process before releasing an app.

Developers should stay up-to-date on any changes made to this library so that they can ensure their apps adhere to standards set forth by Apple when it comes time for evaluation prior to release. Keeping current also helps guarantee fewer challenges arise during the review phase resulting in less hassle overall from both developer’s perspective but more importantly app store users point of view too.

By utilizing all available information within these documents designed specifically for them, app makers have greater potential to achieve success not only throughout the development process, but ultimately successfully launch afterwards.

Real-life examples of App Store approval times (updated 2023)

When it comes to app store approval times in 2023, the fastest turnaround is typically under 24 hours. This timeline can be subject to various factors like complexity of an app, and/or App Store review team workload. Developers should gain insights from real-world examples so as to prepare for a more efficient review process.

Some common causes that could lead to longer waiting periods are not following guidelines set out by the App Store Review Committee, or rejecting feedback without addressing issues raised before reapplying, or incomplete or inaccurate submissions.

How to manage the app publishing process

The publishing process for an app can be simplified by employing either self-service or full-service help. With self-service, you are able to create your own application with the aid of a platform and take care of submitting it yourself. 

Alternatively, if utilizing complete service development assistance like concierge services. There will be a project manager engaged to comprehend what is needed from you, supervise its progression then publish the app into both App Store as well as Google Play store with confidence that it will get approved.

Another solution which brings together advantages from each approach mentioned before is called aided production in this technique.

  • Design an application utilizing a program along with experts’ support
  • Make arrangements regarding notifications push native plugins plus within context events
  • Have assurance that said produced content gets accepted when submitted to App Store & Google Play store

Using any one of these three options helps ease up acquiring submission clearance while escalating chances success at launching stage thanks to selecting suitable implementation mode suited to needs.


As you develop your app, be mindful of the necessary steps for an efficient App Store review process. This involves following set guidelines and taking advantage of resources like CI/CD tools, Apple Developer Documentation, as well as App Store Connect to submit accurate metadata in order to get approval quickly.

If you want to ensure your app gets approved the first time, consider having a web+native hybrid app service like handle the publishing process for you. Our team of experts will take care of all the details, adhering to all guidelines, and using their extensive experience to ensure a smooth and successful approval process.

Ultimately: remember that preparation, attention-to-detail and familiarity with expectations are key elements toward achieving faster reviews!

Frequently asked questions: App Store review process

How long does it take to get App Store approval?

On average, App Store reviews take less than 48 hours and 90% are evaluated within a day. When an app doesn’t comply with the App Store Review Guidelines, it can cause delays in its approval process. Submissions that need review will go through examinations to ensure they match store regulations before any type of consent is given for them to be accepted into the marketplace.

How hard is it to get an app approved?

Approving apps is usually an uncomplicated process, typically taking not more than a day or two to be finalized. Yet despite this speed, one has to exercise patience as it’s difficult to predict precisely when the app will get approved.

How long does it take for App Store Connect to process?

App Store Connect’s review process usually takes between one and three days for approval, after which the app will be visible in the App Store within an additional 24 hours. Times may take longer during public holidays or extended weekends.

How can I stay updated on changes to the App Store guidelines?

Stay informed by frequently checking the Apple Developer website and signing up for App Store Connect notifications. Make sure to keep track of all news related to apps, stores, and other information concerning developers.

What tools and resources can help streamline the app submission process?

Apple Developer Documentation, App Store Connect and CI/CD tools are advantageous in optimizing the app submission process. These help quicken review times for submitting applications to any of the Apple stores or marketplaces.

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