Doctena finds financial flexibility with’s app development services

The healthcare services company was seeking a more effective long-term app solution. That's exactly what they found in Median.

The challenge: Establish sustainable and streamlined mobile apps to supplement website offerings

Founded in Luxembourg in 2013, Doctena is a platform dedicated to helping patients find the right medical care and schedule appointments, improving communication from both ends. In the past decade, they’ve worked with more than 10,000 medical professionals and expanded across five more European countries.

With their continued growth and a desire to improve both the customer and client experiences, Doctena CTO Lucas Praneuf knew they needed to provide their users the functionality and convenience of a mobile app.

Median proposed a swift conversion of our web application to a mobile platform at a cost-effective rate.
Lucas Praneuf
Chief Technology Officer, Doctena

The solution: Collaborate with to deliver a new mobile app to its large network of users — on a project timeline and budget that works

Praneuf conducted a thorough search for a company capable of meeting Doctena’s needs. After exploring several options, he found “Our requirement was a straightforward approach to obtain a well-maintained and current application,” Praneuf said. 

Median proposed a quick solution for a mobile version compatible with both Android and iOS. Praneuf was confident after the kickoff meeting and seeing Median’s expertise and knowledge on display.

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The result: A cost- and time-saving mobile app that raised the bar for quality, and for customer experience

After opting for Median's Concierge service, an initial app was delivered in just a few days, one that provided the flexibility to better meet patients' needs. It also included Median's OneSignal integration, allowing users to receive helpful push notifications.

Plus, Median's future-proof support continues to provide value: "I'm confident in having a consistently updated app that incorporates all existing and future features," says Praneuf. "This eliminates concerns about maintaining current versions of our mobile applications."

Since launch, Doctena has helped more than 40,000 daily users improve their healthcare experiences. And with Median’s app expertise, Doctena is keeping their focus where it’s most important: on their product and customers.

Median’s effectiveness and responsiveness were crucial in successfully launching the mobile app to production ... this enabled me to reallocate resources and discontinue our engagement with the initial company responsible for our apps, resulting in huge cost savings.

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