Online wine retailer tastes sales success with Median.co

Wines ‘Til Sold Out was let down by their initial app developer. But luckily they saw huge success with Median.

The challenge: Find a better mobile app alternative — and fast

Since 2006, Wines ‘Til Sold Out (WTSO.com) has helped shoppers discover high-quality wines at consistently low prices. Built using PHP and JavaScript, the custom site ensures that the retailer’s online sales of wine and cordials comply with regulations that vary from state to state.

But when WTSO.com needed a native app, the developer they hired struggled to deliver — which led them to find an alternative cost-effective, feature-rich app solution that met the demands of their connoisseur customer base.

Median.co has a strong proposition versus building an app with a development team. Documentation is well laid out. Other customers already have successful apps in the app stores. I could tell they were the right fit.
Mike Rosenello
eCommerce Executive, WTSO.com

The solution: Median’s “no-brainer” mobile app platform

IT executive Mike Rosenello led the development of WTSO.com’s e-commerce site. In researching alternatives, Rosenello noted that Median’s proven platform made his buy vs. build decision a “no-brainer”: testing its app building platform using the existing WTSO.com URL checked off all the right boxes.

Today, WTSO.com uses Median.co to deliver their e-commerce app, and keep it up-to-date on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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The result: An e-commerce app that supports with scale

For WTSO.com, the Median.co platform worked “right out of the box,” with Rosenello noting that Median’s support team has been highly responsive since Day One, regardless of the ask. 

For instance, WTSO opted for Cordial’s push notification services, and Median provided input and oversaw updates to assist Rosenello with this brand new integration.

Median’s team is very accessible and supportive. They make understanding and using the product simple.

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