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How Halight + Median boosted e-learning for employees

Halight delivers ambitious product training apps to major consumer brands and their workforces. This is how they make it happen.

The challenge: Create personalized apps for point-of-sale product training

Halight is a Canadian marketing agency offering innovative e-learning solutions that help big consumer brands train their expansive workforce. As a leader in the industry, Halight’s solutions are trusted by clients like Bridgestone, Motorola, and Fitbit to train employees on their respective feature-rich products and services.

In an increasingly mobile world, Halight sought to innovate its e-learning via branded apps tailored to each client’s products, stores, and locations. 

The apps also needed to integrate with Halight’s existing learning systems and content, while also personalizing the training experience for each customer and employee. 

We have 17 apps that leverage Median. They are hybrid apps created using React. We use Median.co to wrap and publish them to the stores. Over one million people are hitting these apps, and it has been frictionless.
Sean Bridgeman
Vice President, Halight

The solution: Creating powerful e-learning apps with OneSignal + Median

Initially, Halight undertook a buy vs. build research process,  and first evaluated an open-source solution for building hybrid applications. 

A trusted advisor to Halight is the leading push notification provider OneSignal – who suggested the team consider Median.co as their app platform solution.

Median's partnership with OneSignal provides us with unlimited push notifications so we can easily connect with our app users. This partnership is one of many reasons why choosing Median was easy for us.
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The result: 1 million mobile app users – and counting

Halight uses Median.co to produce branded apps for a long list of major consumer brands, boasting upwards of 1 million engaged users across the board. 

The e-learning leader can remain focused on innovative ways to educate employees, while Median manages their app store publishing and ongoing updates.

Median alleviates having to build these apps ourselves. That would take away time and resources from design and development for our web environment, which is our specialty.

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