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About this plugin

As biometric authentication gains increasing popularity, users no longer consider a frictionless and secure login experience as a luxury — but rather a necessity. Our Face ID/Touch ID and Android Biometric plugin is designed to help you meet these expectations, which will in turn will drive engagement and user satisfaction.

By leveraging the full potential of mobile device biometric capabilities, our plugin ensures that your native apps deliver a seamless and consistent authentication experience across both iOS and Android platforms. Face ID and Touch ID on iOS, and Android Biometric Face Unlock and Fingerprint Unlock.

For utmost security and convenience, our plugins use Median JavaScript Bridge commands to access on-device hardware based encryption to securely store and retrieve user credentials. You may store any text string — e.g. username/password or authentication token — knowing that this data will be held securely until released by the device when the user passes the appropriate biometric challenge.

This plugin has been exclusively developed for the Median platform, prioritizing fast and seamless integration. You can integrate this plugin into your native apps by following our comprehensive documentation, which provides you with all the necessary guidance. 

Key features


Streamlined user experience:

Enable users to effortlessly log in to your native app with biometrics, eliminating the need for passwords and reducing friction.


Enhanced security:

Rely on secure hardware level encryption and biometric sensors to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access to your app.


Cross-platform consistency:

Integrate once within your web environment, and provide a consistent authentication experience across both iOS and Android platforms.

faqs about this plugin

Frequently asked questions about Face ID/Touch ID Android Biometric

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