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From fitness apps that track your running route to delivery apps that send automated dispatch messages on your food’s ETA, location services are empowering apps across all industries. Our Background Location native plugin takes your app to the next level by helping you seamlessly track the location of your users through real-time location updates, all while your app runs in the background. Because of the design of the iOS and Android platforms, and location services functionality, this powerful plugin can also be used to perform other background tasks such as data backup and server communication.

The plugin provides two modes of operation to run a regular background process based on elapsed time interval and location change distance. Your app can directly transmit data including location to a remote server API, all through native code. Or your app can invoke a JavaScript callback function that you can define to include any required functionality.

The Background Location plugin integrates seamlessly into your app, and handles the necessary permissions and configurations for both iOS and Android platforms. Don't let your app be limited by foreground execution and static location data. Boost engagement, optimize efficiency, and unlock the full potential of location-based features with Median’s Background Location native plugin.

Key features


Background execution and location tracking:

Track the real time location of your app users, perform data backups, or send data/location to a remote server even when your app is not active in the foreground.


No more missing location updates:

Ensure all location updates are received and processed as required, even when your app is backgrounded, with our exclusive JavaScript modifications.


Hassle-free compatibility and access:

The plugin handles all the necessary permissions and configurations on both iOS and Android platforms without any technical headaches.

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Frequently asked questions about Background Location

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