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Median’s Braze native plugin provides access to the Braze platform to help create an engaging app experience through push notifications and analytics. Braze allows you to effortlessly engage customers and orchestrate seamless cross-channel experiences within a single platform.

Braze's robust infrastructure empowers brands of all sizes to send time-sensitive CTAs or re-engage lapsed customers with mobile push notifications.

Creating impactful journeys has never been easier. Act fast with simple ways to compose, personalize, and target your messages to drive conversions and loyalty. Retain and win back customers with clock-ticking offers and announcements of exciting features. And with Live Activities, keep your iOS users in the loop with persistent, real-time updates right on their iPhone Lock Screen.

Take advantage of dynamic segmentation tags to tailor push messages based on language preference or other behaviors and attributes. Use comprehensive tracking and attribution analytics to identify and double down on what works best.

Engage, retain, and delight your app users effortlessly. Add Braze to your Median app and see the difference it makes for your push campaigns.

Key features


Compose journeys with ease:

Act fast with simple ways to create, personalize, and target your messages to drive conversions and loyalty.


Speak your users’ language:

Use dynamic segmentation tags to change content of your push messages based on a customer's language preference, or other behaviors and attributes.


Scale up without limitation:

Leverage a robust push notification infrastructure that enables brands of all sizes to scale up without sacrificing performance.

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Frequently asked questions about Braze

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