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If you’re looking to maximize conversions in your app, then making the payment process easy, smooth, and frictionless for your users is key. Entering lengthy credit card information manually is a hassle, prone to errors, and a high-friction step that stops many users from completing a purchase. That’s we offer the native plugin: it’s the perfect solution to simplify credit card entry and payments in your app. allows users to scan their credit cards using their device's camera. The plugin uses machine vision technology to automatically extract required card details such as the cardholder name, card number, and expiry date, which can be used to process a payment or can be stored to the user's profile. All image processing is performed locally on the device, so sensitive cardholder information remains secure within your app and website. 

Whether you’re developing an e-commerce app, or any other application that requires payment functionality, this plugin will be a valuable addition to your app. Integrate to offer your users a convenient, secure, and frictionless way to make payments.

Key features


Provide more convenience:

By removing the need to manually type in their credit card information, users can complete transactions with just a simple scan, reducing errors and saving valuable time.


Increase conversions:

Remove barriers and friction points that often lead to an incomplete transaction. Help boost conversion rates and maximize the success of your app.


Security of credit card details:

All machine vision image processing is performed locally on your user’s device, so sensitive cardholder information remains secure within your app and website.

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