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How much does app development cost? The quintessential guide

If you’re looking to build a full-feature mobile app to grow your business’ footprint, you may be experiencing some roadblocks in delivering on this important initiative. It could be that: 

  • Your internal dev team is stretched thin with other pressing business projects,
  • You don’t have experienced iOS or Android-specific developers on hand, and no time to go through the process of hiring the right one,
  • You’re pressed for resources and don’t have the budget to develop a native app from scratch, or
  • Your users are demanding an app with complex requirements corresponding to a monumental project scope.

With these roadblocks in mind, what exactly are your options?

What does app development cost? Choosing the right approach

Choosing the right development option *the first time* can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. So, it’s crucial to choose an app development approach that aligns with your business’s growth goals, audience expectations, and available resources. Crucially, you should also consider cost elements (related to time, effort, and spend) that underpin making this critical business decision. 

The quintessential guide to app development costs will help you do just that, helping break down three key app development approaches and their costs, pros, and cons, in an effort to guide you to a sensible and savvy decision:

App development costs e-book created by
Get the guide to app development costs, pros, and cons by

What's inside the guide:

☆ How to choose the right app development approach

☆ A handy app development checklist

☆ In-house development; Pros, cons, and the total costs

☆ Outsourcing app development: Pros, cons, and the total costs

☆ App development platforms: Pros, cons, and total costs

☆ App development: A decision-makers checklist

Save on app development costs by choosing wisely the first time.

DYK? In the Standish Group’s Annual CHAOS 2020 report, an analysis of 50,000 technology projects(including app development initiatives), a staggering 66% end in partial or total failure. What this amounts to is a doubling of app development costs (and energy) in the long run.

Deciding between outsourcing and in-house app development can be a significant challenge: outsourcing might bring specialized skills but comes at a cost, while in-house development requires hefty investments and resources.

Luckily, there is a third, more practical and sustainable option to consider: With a trusted app development platform and service provider like, you can deliver a full-feature native app quickly and easily and ensure your app’s ongoing functionality — without overwhelming costs — and without knowing code.

Get the guide for the full picture, and make the right investment the first time.

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