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About this plugin

From finance apps to multi-functional enterprise platforms, document scanning transforms workflows by reducing paperwork. Median enables you to add this essential functionality to your native app easily with our native Document Scanner plugin.

Empower your users to effortlessly scan any document using their device camera, while leveraging advanced image processing for automatic image enhancement. Our plugin automatically detects document outlines, corrects angles and aspect ratios, sharpens text, and delivers a clear, cropped final scan. This improves the user experience and delivers higher quality scans, surpassing standalone device camera capabilities.

The Document Scanner native UI is launched through the Median JavaScript Bridge. The UI for iOS and Android is built to support all device types and like the rest of your Median app will follow your configured branding settings. After image capture and processing the scanned image is returned as a base64 JPEG file which can be attached to a form or uploaded to your server asynchronously with ease. This streamlines document uploads, eliminates errors, and ensures no crucial information is missed.

Integrate the Median Document Scanner plugin to speed up workflow processes, reduce errors, and deliver a seamless user experience in your app.

Key features


Enhanced user experience:

Provide your users with a hassle-free scanning experience by eliminating manual adjustments and tedious manual processes.


Increased scan quality:

Leverage advanced image processing techniques to deliver scans of superior quality of any document including receipts, business cards, and contracts.


Easy document management:

Effortlessly manage the scanned image by attaching it to a form or uploading it to your server asynchronously.

faqs about this plugin

Frequently asked questions about Document Scanner

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How do I make use of the base64 scanned JPEG image?
How do I perform on-device live OCR such as check or VIN number, identity document data extraction, object identification, etc.?