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Will Apple approve my webview app?

TL;DR: TL;DR: When it comes to publishing an app in Apple's App Store, you have to follow some strict (but fair) rules that pass Apple's app review process. But it's easier than you may think. Here we take a quick, closer look at the most important pieces to consider when getting ready to submit, ensuring your app has the highest chance of being successfully approved for publishing.

Feeling anxious about Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines and their App Review process? No problem: below, we'll review Apple’s most pertinent policies so that you can be certain your app will be approved when you submit it for review.

If you want users to easily download your app on their iOS devices, then you’ll then need to publish it to the Apple App Store. Apps that include web content are welcome in the App Store, but only if they provide an elevated "app-like" experience to their users. If not, then Apple will not approve them. But given Apple’s requirements, how do you ensure your app will be approved? The below two tips are a good place to start.

Fact: Need more help? Our Publishing Team publishes apps daily and knows the guidelines inside and out, as well as Apple’s current policies. With our App Store Publishing Service, we also offer a 100% guarantee of App Store acceptance.

1. Make your app “app-like”

Median’s Publishing Guide provides specific recommendations to help you ensure that Apple approves your app. For example, to provide an “app-like” user experience we suggest you add features such as native navigation, remove any webpage footers, and design your web content so that it is scaled to display on a mobile device screen size.

2. Include native app features (like native plugins)

Including native plugins in your app is another way you can add native app features and ensure approval. Native plugins allow you to build a full-featured native app with a user experience that goes above and beyond displaying web content in a mobile browser. For instance, you can send push notifications directly to your app users even when the app is in the background.

We have a comprehensive library of Native Plugins to add even more native functionality, such as Touch ID/Face ID login, Document Scanning, Twilio Video Calling, and much more. Our engineering team also takes on development projects to build custom native plugins that provide specific native functionality and that implement third-party vendor SDKs.

DYK? Using Median, you can build hybrid web+native apps that offer the best of both worlds: A web layer with content that is easily implemented and updated using any web development technology and a native layer that contains any required native functionality from push notifications to QR code scanning!

New to app publishing? There's more to explore at Median

Check out our Publishing Guide for our complete list of recommendations and learn more about our App Store Publishing Service. With our help your app will be approved and live to the Apple App Store in no time!

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