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About this plugin

Deploying iOS and Android apps in an enterprise environment with various security requirements and approval processes can be complex and time consuming. The Median team has a decade of experience developing and supporting enterprise mobile apps. We’ve developed our Enterprise Security plugin to ensure your Median app is fully compliant with all your organization's mobile app and security policies.

The plugin supports a range of security features:

  • Screenshot and screen recording blocking (Android only)
  • App Transport Security (ATS) enforcement to prevent unencrypted/cleartext requests (iOS)
  • Network Security policy configuration to prevent unencrypted/cleartext requests (Android)
  • Copy and paste functionality blocking
  • App Switcher/Recent apps appearance masking to replace app preview with logo

With our Enterprise Security plugin, along with the additional benefits of our Jailbreak/Root detection plugin, you’ll ensure your app is fully compliant with all requirements and will ensure a seamless approval and deployment to your end users.

Available for eligible Enterprise customers only.

Key features


Enhanced app security:

Add powerful security features to protect your users and your systems from potential attack vectors.


Compliance assurance:

Meet compliance requirements with a validated solution that will pass security assessments and tests.


Additional customizations available:

Median’s experienced team is able to assist with additional enterprise security requirements beyond those provided by our plugin.

faqs about this plugin

Frequently asked questions about Enterprise Security

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