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There are a wide range of digital goods and services sold within apps, from additional in-app features to premium content to renewable subscriptions. Regardless of the monetization model you choose for your app, Apple and Google provide in-app purchase (IAP) platforms that enable easy low-friction purchase by users, and seamless billing and subscription management. And in the case of Apple as an app publisher you are mandated to use the Apple IAP platform for all digital goods sold within your iOS app.

By utilizing Apple's IAP and Google Play's Billing Library platforms, you can easily facilitate various in-app transactions, including one-time purchases, subscriptions, and promo code redemption. These platforms offer additional channels to monetize your app, and you can even promote and offer in-app purchases directly on Google Play and the App Store. Our In-App Purchases plugin simplifies the integration of these powerful functionalities into your native app, saving you from a lengthy development phase.

All you need to do is create In-App Purchase items within Apple’s App Store Connect and the Google Play Console, configure your website to host a JSON file that lists the products and subscriptions you are selling, and utilize Median JavaScript Bridge commands to access IAP functionality within your app — such as purchasing an item, starting a subscription, or listing previous purchases. The hosted JSON file is synchronized with your app in real time, so you can release new IAP items at any point in the future and an app store update is not required.

Ready to enhance your app's revenue potential? Take advantage of our powerful IAP plugin and provide your users with a seamless and secure transactional experience.

Key features


Enhance your app’s revenue potential:

Offer extra content and features — including digital goods, premium content, and subscriptions — directly within your app.


Offer a seamless, secure payment method:

Sell in-app products and subscriptions to millions of users globally in their local currency, with region-specific pricing and payment methods.


Gain additional marketing opportunities:

Promote in-app purchases on app stores and within your app to showcase their value.

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