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iBeacon adds indoor location awareness capabilities to your app and opens a new world of possibilities. From optimizing your location-based marketing tactics and in-store customer experiences to ensuring your employees clock into work at the right place at the right time, there is no limit to the opportunities for interactivity between your app and beacon devices. 

iBeacon is a technology offered by Apple that utilizes industry-standard Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication using transmitters, commonly known as beacons. These fixed-place beacons broadcast data that allows your app to trigger actions when your users come into close proximity. And here's the best part: iBeacon isn't limited to just Apple devices! It works seamlessly on Android devices too, making it universally compatible.

Integrate iBeacon into your app today and unlock a host of features. Engage and retain your users with personalized offers as they travel through a retail store, provide location specific information at a large conference facility, and make available location-based notifications such as travel announcements. 

Whether your application caters to retail, workplace productivity, hotels, museums, events and conferences, or any other location-bound service, iBeacon has the power to elevate it to new heights. Embrace iBeacon and bring your app to the forefront of location-based innovation.

Key features


Location awareness and verification:

Unlock location-specific features or verify location when users provide data, whether security patrol checkpoints or “clocking in” on a shift.


Personalized engagement:

Drive user retention by delivering personalized offers and information, creating a tailored and immersive experience for your app users.


Seamless compatibility:

Maximize the impact of your location-aware app with full support for both Apple and Android devices.

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