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About this plugin

Median’s IBM Cloud native plugin provides access to the IBM Cloud platform to help create an engaging app experience through push notifications. The plugin not only delivers messages but also monitors user data and provides valuable insights. It enables you to track message delivery from end to end, monitor receipts, and analyze data effectively. You can also segment notifications for personalized experiences and enable users to respond without opening the app.

What’s more, this plugin Integrates seamlessly with IBM Cloud functions to push event messages in common use cases, allowing you to access other IBM functions easily through REST APIs.

Add IBM Cloud to your Median app to deliver powerful, comprehensive push notifications that drive engagement, improve user experiences, and elevate your app business.

Key features


Enhanced user engagement:

Deliver timely and personalized push notifications to mobile users, enabling them to respond without opening the app.


Valuable insights and analysis:

Gain valuable data insights by monitoring user data, tracking message delivery, and analyzing push results to optimize your strategies.


Seamless integration, easy management:

Easily integrate with IBM Cloud Functions, create a notification service, and manage push notifications effortlessly, empowering your app business to thrive.

faqs about this plugin

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