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App marketing made easier: Is analyzing app insights part of your marketing strategy? Median’s MoEngage native plugin makes the overwhelming task of understanding app data easy by turning it into simple insights. 

With MoEngage, you can understand, interact, and engage with your customers solely based on the data provided by its AI software. MoEngage creates AI-driven insights that allow you to personalize and connect on the most impactful channels, build and optimize relevant customer experiences at every stage, and create relevant and personalized experiences for each app visitor. 

By seamlessly integrating this plugin into your app, you can add customer audience segmentation based on device data and user behavior to create highly personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

Plus, you can easily gain access to app analytics and track key metrics specific to your iOS or Android apps. 

With this integration,  you can use the following features of the MoEngage platform:

  • Analytics/data tracking: Track various types of events, such as app launches, screen views, button clicks, purchases, and custom events specific to your app's functionality.
  • Push notifications: Send targeted and personalized push notifications to users of your app. This feature allows you to engage with users, promote new features, and re-engage inactive users to improve retention and drive app usage.

Ready to create compelling data-driven marketing strategies? Take the next step in improving your app experience, and increase your app’s overall success rates by adding the MoEngage native plugin into your native mobile app.

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