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Contact information plays a central role in CRM, sales and field service applications, social networks, community platforms, and e-commerce shipping. Enabling easy access to a user’s address book contacts can improve the experience for your users and in relevant cases help grow your user base through referrals and invites.

We developed our Native Contacts plugin to add powerful functionality to your app. Need to allow your users to add a client’s phone number to your CRM app? Want to pre-populate the shipping address for a gift purchase hassle-free? How about importing a large number of contacts to send an invite or referral code? The Native Contacts plugin streamlines the process of retrieving contacts from your user’s device in bulk and empowers users to query contacts based on lookup fields like email or phone number. By eliminating the need to manually search for and enter contact details, your users can save time from copying and pasting information and focus on what matters most — building relationships and driving productivity.

Elevate your app's contact management capabilities, boost user satisfaction, and thrive in the competitive landscape with Native Contacts.

Key features


Effortless contact retrieval:

Eliminate manual searches and data entry by enabling users to automatically retrieve contacts from their devices, in bulk or through search queries.


Efficient lookup fields:

Query contacts using lookup fields like email address or phone number, and import new contacts or update existing contacts.


Simplified shipping information:

Simplify shipping information entry and provide hassle-free gift purchases by automatically populating imported contact details. 

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