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About this plugin

Median’s Optimizely native plugin provides access to the Optimizely platform (formerly known as Episerver) to help create an engaging app experience through push notifications and analytics. In today's competitive mobile app market, harnessing the power of a robust push notification service provider is essential for keeping your users coming back.

With the Optimizely native plugin adding push notifications to your app, you get a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates with your Optimizely digital marketing campaigns, empowering you with unparalleled personalization and performance management capabilities.

Effortlessly create impactful interactions by designing one-time or behavioral campaigns. Experience the convenience of automated push notification dispatch through Smart Campaigns and Marketing Automation capabilities, allowing you to reach your target audience with precision and timing. Whether it's a special event invitation or exclusive holiday offers, Optimizely adapts to your timely needs.

Customize and enhance your push notifications with images, field functions for personalization, and deep linking to define the next action within your app. With in-depth analytics and effortless A/B testing, you can optimize your messaging for maximum impact. Add Optimizely to your Median app to captivate your users, boost engagement, and drive app success. 

Key features


Maximize personalization:

Deliver tailor-made experiences by leveraging field functions, enabling you to personalize your push notifications and captivate your audience like never before.


Automate and optimize:

Streamline your marketing efforts by automating push notification dispatch and effortlessly developing multi-step campaigns for different target groups.


Unleash creativity and insight:

Experiment and refine your messaging with testing, deep linking, and customizations to drive app engagement to new heights.

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