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QR codes elevate the experience of using mobile apps, and help make routine tasks frictionless. Barcodes are ubiquitous in retail, logistics, manufacturing, and more. QR codes might be used to access interactive content in a museum exhibit app. Barcodes might be used to confirm order contents in a logistics fulfillment center app. Regardless of the use case, by incorporating QR or barcode scanning into your app you'll boost user engagement, and provide a far simplified experience compared to typing in data manually. 

With Median’s industry-leading app building solution, adding QR code functionality to your mobile app is both seamless and cost-effective. Our QR / Barcode Scanning Native Plugin sets itself apart by leveraging powerful machine-vision open-source libraries, customized and expanded exclusively for your app. This approach ensures that your business can enjoy the benefits of QR and barcode scanning without any recurring usage fees or other limitations.

Our plugin provides a fully native scanner UI with camera preview and target frame. What’s more, you can display a customizable prompt message at the bottom of the screen while scanning, which can be used to guide users with instructions that are applicable to your use case, e.g. “Scan the shipping label barcode to update delivery status.” The plugin is compatible with both iOS and Android, allowing you to serve a wide audience across both platforms while only integrating once into your web environment. 

Key features


Provide a seamless UX:

Ensure an easy, seamless integration with your native app. Customize the native UI prompt message so it speaks directly to your unique audience and include guidance to users for your specific QR or barcode scanning use case.


Use without limits or recurring fees:

There are no recurring usage fees or other limitations so costs remain fixed as your user base grows.


Easy integration:

Add JavaScript to your web environment to prompt the native scanner UI, and receive back the QR / barcode data.

faqs about this plugin

Frequently asked questions about QR / Barcode Scanner

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