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About this plugin

Scandit provides an exceptionally powerful and flexible QR and Barcode scanning SDK that you can seamlessly integrate into your Median app thanks to our native plugin. Scandit delivers lightning-fast, accurate scanning and augmented reality (AR) capabilities. 

Scan all major barcode types effortlessly with pre-built tools, like Sparkscan and MatrixScan Count. These tools offer optimized high-speed scanning UIs and batch scanning functionality. You can also customize your own interactions to create a more optimized scanning experience. 

Leverage the cutting-edge computer vision technology for swift and reliable recognition. Scandit software excels in low light, glare, skewed angles, blurry or damaged barcodes, and small or unusual barcodes. It handles barcodes in motion and enables batch scanning, even with low-resolution cameras. What’s more, all processing occurs on the device, minimizing latency and enhancing data security.

Elevate your Median app’s data capture experience and add Scandit, the preferred mobile barcode scan technology provider of GS1, the international standards body for barcodes.

Key features


Unmatched performance and security:

Ensure top-notch performance and data security as processing takes place directly on the device, reducing latency and safeguarding sensitive information.


Supporting all major barcode types:

Support a wide variety of 1D and 2D barcode symbologies with Scandit — trusted by GS1, the international standards body for barcodes.


Fast and accurate barcode scanning:

Unlock swift and precise barcode scanning capabilities, enhancing the efficiency of your app's data capture process.

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Frequently asked questions about Scandit QR / Barcode

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