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Customize a license and services package that meets your needs

Are you creating an app for a conference or one-time event? Building an app that will be critical to your business operations going forward? Do you need help publishing your app to the app stores? In all cases you can select a license and services package to meet your specific needs.


Every app created using Median requires an App Distribution License to publish to the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store or for any use of Median source code. Our app licenses never expire and your app will continue to function indefinitely subject to compatibility of your user’s iOS/Android operating system and mobile device.

The App Distribution License Agreement allows you to make changes to your app’s source code, meaning you can modify or update your app in the future without any reliance on Median. The app source code must be used for a single app and multiple apps require additional licenses. 

Push notifications

Push notifications are a powerful channel for engaging with your users. You can send notifications manually to all or some of your users as part of your marketing and communications strategy. You can send notifications programmatically via API based on events and actions occurring within your app and on your online platform. Find out more here.  

Median provides an official integration with our preferred push provider OneSignal, and we also support many other push providers.

Native plugins

Median offers a wide range of native plugins that provide access to native functionality such as biometric authentication (Face ID / Touch ID), QR/Barcode scanning, and native plugins that integrate third party vendor SDKs such as Google AdMob, Firebase Analytics, and Facebook App Events.

A license for a given native plugin can be added at any point, your app rebuilt with the additional code, and then an app update submitted to the app stores. It’s important to note that users won’t gain the new functionality provided by the native plugin until they update their app. For this reason, we recommend adding any native plugins to your initial app release that you expect to need in the future so they will be available for all users when you’re ready to start using them..

If you need to identify whether the version of a user’s app includes a native plugin and the associated functionality available you can make use of the Device Info function which reports the current app version and other details about the user’s app. For example, you can use this functionality to dynamically show a “Scan QR Code” button only if the user’s app version includes the QR/Barcode Scanner plugin.


Our app licenses are sufficient for web developers who are experienced with the Median App Studio platform and familiar with app store publishing processes. However, Median offers optional app configuration and app store publishing services to help you configure, build, and launch your app quickly to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Full-Service App Configuration includes access to a dedicated project manager who will guide you through the entire process of configuring your app. This service includes a kick-off call to discuss and collect all requirements for your app. Our team will configure and build your app, and assist with native plugins included in your app including push notifications. 

Our App Store Publishing Service includes everything that is required to launch your app to the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store, and is backed by a guarantee of approval. Our team will create app store listings and prepare app screenshots for all required device screen sizes as part of this service. Learn more about the steps in our publishing guide

Support & maintenance plan

Median offers optional Support & Maintenance Plans that provide engineering support for technical issues and ongoing updates to your app and all native plugins. These updates ensure compatibility with future iOS and Android releases and new devices, and provide new features released for Median’s core app code and our native plugins. 

Examples of past updates include: 

  • Support for Apple ATT / App Tracking Transparency (iOS app)
  • Support for Face ID in addition to Touch ID (native plugin)
  • Enhanced QR/Barcode scanning with faster scan time (native plugin)
  • Background Location support for new Android coarse/fine permissions (native plugin)
  • Ongoing compatibility with latest Facebook SDKs (native plugin)
  • Support for camera/photo library permissions (iOS app)
  • Update to Google Material Design native navigation components (Android app)
  • Support for Android 13 notification permission prompt (native plugin)
  • Support for iPhone 14 devices with Dynamic Island

For complete details on the terms of Median’s support & maintenance plans:

For Enterprise Support Agreements with SLA terms please contact our team

Safety & security

Many of our clients display confidential data within their app and must follow strict IT security and privacy compliance protocols. All data and network traffic from your app transmits directly from your end-user’s device to the hosting web server, equivalent to browsing the website via Mobile Safari or Mobile Chrome. 

No website or user data passes through any Median servers, and the app does not depend on Median's servers or uptime to function. The app relies on the same security, encryption, and access controls that exist on the original website. 

At times, clients will require an independent security audit of their app for compliance purposes. Median’s engineering team is available to support these reviews upon request to ensure your app meets all requirements.

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*DISCLAIMER: This content is provided solely for informational purposes. It is not exhaustive and may not be relevant for your requirements. While we have obtained and compiled this information from sources we believe to be reliable, we cannot and do not guarantee its accuracy. This content is not to be considered professional advice and does not form a professional relationship of any kind between you and LLC or its affiliates. is the industry-leading end-to-end solution for developing, publishing, and maintaining native mobile apps for iOS and Android powered by web content. When considering any technology vendor we recommend that you conduct detailed research and “read the fine print” before using their services.*
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