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How to send your first push notification with OneSignal

TL;DR: Median’s OneSignal integration offers two high-quality services for app users: native push notifications and in-app messages. This article will help walk you through sending your first push notification, which will allow you to send highly visible, relevant, and timely information that will help drive up app engagement. Push notifications are delivered to a user's phone or tablet home screen providing them with specialized information without requiring the user to open your app. OneSignal is an industry-leading push notification provider and they offer advanced custom features including segmentation and scheduling to ensure you can reach the desired target audience at the optimal time. Here is how it all works!

Sending your first Push Notification with OneSignal

OneSignal’s online portal makes it easy to send push notifications to all or a subset of your app users. We’ll take you through the steps required to send your first push notification.

A visual depiction of the OneSignal’s updated message screen, enabling users to effortlessly create and send messages.

Getting started

To get started open your OneSignal Dashboard and click Messages > Push > New Push
Enter a Message Name as an internal reference that you can refer back to later.

A screenshot of a demonstration on how to create a new push notification on OneSignal

Step 1: Choose an audience

Next, utilize user segments to reach specific audiences. You can send notifications to individual segments, multiple segments, and exclude segments from receiving your messages. OneSignal will automatically filter out duplicate user records so the device only gets one push notification. To find out more information about custom segments click here.

*Users will be added to your OneSignal account automatically when they install your app. You do not need to import users to send push notifications.

A screenshot of a demonstration on how to select your audience by selecting “particular segments” for push notifications.

Step 2: Enter a message

Create a personalized message for your target audience. OneSignal makes it easy to upload custom images to catch the user’s attention. OneSignal’s interactive preview will allow you to view how the notification will look on iOS and Android in real-time!

A screenshot of a demonstration on how to write your messaging or push notifications.

You can optionally specify a URL to open within your app when the user taps the push notification from their notifications area. To do this, add a field in Additional Data named targetUrl and specify the URL. It is important to be case sensitive here.

A screenshot of on how to add your URL within your push notification as an optional feature on apps built with

Step 3: Schedule

The final step is to schedule exactly when you want your push notification to reach the selected audience.

You can schedule a notification up to 30 days in advance. The OneSignal Dashboard automatically detects your timezone (displayed on the right side of the page). Notifications will be delivered to users based on the Per-User Optimization selection which provides multiple scheduling options.

A screenshot on how to schedule your push notifications to any date and time.


Your push notification will be delivered to each user’s device lock screen and notifications view. If the app is open it will also be displayed in a window within the app.

A screenshot of two white iPhones showing push notifications from which is now about building apps.

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