Publishing Service - Process

Next steps after purchasing Median's App Store Publishing Service


After purchasing Median's App Store Publishing Service please review the below and provide our team with the information required.

1. Finalize your mobile website

Apple requires a production version mobile app for approval. Your website should be fully polished for release with no mention of demo, alpha, beta, test, etc. The website structure must not change during Apple's review and approval process (typically 3-5 days).

2. Configure your app

Not applicable if using our Full-Service App Configuration Service

Please configure your app at as far as you are comfortable. You may modify your configuration and rebuild as many times as you wish. Please make special note of any features or configuration options you would like us to complete for you. Once you have finished configuring your app, please reply back with the Private Management URL of the specific app you wish to publish.

Please pay special attention to:

  • App name (at most 13 characters to fit under the app icon on the device home screen, but the app store listing name can be adjusted and made longer prior to submission)
  • App icon (recommended square image 1024x1024px)
  • Use your app icon to generate iOS Launch Images and Android Launch Images under General Styling
  • Specify your iOS Bundle Id and Android Package Name under Build Settings
  • Push Notifications - if your license includes Push. We will configure OneSignal for you if you leave the App ID blank

3. Grant developer access

The easiest way to grant Median access to publish your apps on your behalf is to invite the email provided to you when you purchased our Publishing Service as Admin to your Apple and Google developer account teams below.

If you do not yet have these accounts, you may register them at the following links.

Your Apple and Google accounts must be up to date and ready to accept new apps and app updates. Your Account Holder may need to agree to the latest program agreements so that our team can submit your app for release.

4. User login

If your app includes any ability for users to login please provide a demo username and password. Apple will require demo credentials as part of their app store review, and we will need to login to generate basic screenshots that you may modify before submission if desired.

5. Push Notifications setup (only if you have purchased Push Notifications)

If you leave OneSignal App ID blank in your configuration, we will set up OneSignal and invite you via email. You may then invite additional team members to the account as required.

6. App Store Listing Details

Add the below details to your app store listings or provide to our publishing team.

If you would like our team to create app store listing screenshots provide instructions for each screenshot required, such as page URLs or steps to navigate to the required screens within your app.
If you are providing your own images refer to App Store Screenshots for guidelines.

Apple App Store

  • Primary store page language (Default en-US)
  • App Name (30 characters) gets displayed on the store
  • Store Category (
  • Age Rating (Default is 4+)
  • Does your app display external content? (If Yes you must have any required content rights.)
    • Yes / No (Default no external content is displayed)
  • Pricing & Availability (Default is Free and Global)
  • Keywords (100 characters, comma separated)
  • Description (4000 characters)
  • Support URL
  • Privacy Policy URL
  • Copyright Line (Default YEAR COMPANY NAME)
  • If app has a login, Apple requires login credentials
    • Username
    • Password
  • App Review Contact Information (Default is Median team contact info, optionally you may manage directly)
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone number
    • Email

Apple App Store Listing Tips

Google Play Store

  • Primary store page language (Default en-US)
  • App Name (50 characters)
  • Short Description (80 characters)
  • Long Description (4000 characters)
  • Category (
  • Store listing contact details - Email address (Default will be [email protected])
  • Does your app contain ads? (Default No)
  • Is your app a news app? (Default No - if Yes, provide detailed contact information)
  • Pricing & Availability (Default is Free and Global)
  • Age Rating (Default is 4+)

Google Play Listing Tips

We look forward to publishing your app soon!