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An integrated calendar is essential for productivity apps, scheduling tools, booking platforms, and event management applications. That’s why we offer our Calendar native plugin — to help you boost the event management capabilities of your iOS app while streamlining the experience for users. Add an upcoming hotel stay, concert event, vet appointment, and more, directly to your user’s calendar and customize the event details as required.

This plugin seamlessly integrates event creation and management into your app, and empowers your users to effortlessly add events with full details to their calendars with just a tap. The plugin includes a user-friendly interface comparable to other similar apps, with versatile event source options (including .ics files and embedded calendar invitations) to ensure an elevated experience.

Plus, the Calendar plugin automatically intercepts downloaded .ics files and embedded .ics data, so there’s no need to add JavaScript to your website — making integrating this plugin a breeze. Add Median’s Calendar plugin to elevate your app's functionality and deliver an exceptional user experience!

Key features


Intuitive user interface:

Help your users to review essential information such as event titles, dates, locations, and more with only a glance.


Effortless event addition:

A prominent "Add to Calendar" button helps your users to include events in their personal schedules with just a single tap.


No JavaScript required:

The plugin automatically intercepts .ics files and embedded .ics data, eliminating the need for additional web development on your end.

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