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Median’s Cordial native plugin provides access to the Cordial platform to help create an engaging app experience through push notifications and analytics. Maximize user engagement by leveraging real-time user data to deliver personalized messages across email, SMS, and push notifications — and captivate your audience and drive meaningful interactions.

With Cordial, you can tap into a wealth of customer and business data from multiple sources, easily accessible through its agile UIs. Use the perfect blend of creativity and data to create real-time marketing campaigns that drive higher customer engagement. Craft compelling messages that resonate with your customers, regardless of the channel they prefer.

Let Cordial shift your focus from execution to strategy. Segment millions of contacts in milliseconds and expand your reach across different channels. Connect with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads to cultivate loyalty, re-engage potential churners, and create consistent brand experiences. Experience faster, stronger, and more agile marketing with customized user roles to ensure seamless collaboration and access control.

Enjoy more time for creativity and strategic thinking as execution becomes effortless. Add Cordial to your Median app and witness the power of personalized engagement in action.

Key features


Real-time personalization:

Increase customer engagement by delivering personal, relevant, and intelligent messages across email, SMS, and mobile apps, creating meaningful connections with your audience.


Streamlined cross-channel marketing:

Simplify your marketing efforts by sending promotional, transactional, and triggered messages from a single platform, allowing you to boost conversions and increase sales.


Efficient, agile marketing execution:

Accelerate your marketing with an agile UI and customizable user roles that reduce friction, streamline campaign management, and free up time for strategic thinking and creativity.

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