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Looking to provide an experience for your users that will help your app stand out from the many apps being released on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store each week? Add haptic vibration events to elevate the experience for your users and differentiate your app from others.

With Median’s Haptic plugin, you can trigger six different haptic vibration effects at specific times, providing valuable feedback to users based on app events and actions. Picture the possibilities!: A short duration light haptic vibration to confirm a save or success event. A stronger double pulse haptic vibration to provide a warning to a user that data is invalid or an error has occurred. This physical feedback provides a full sensory experience for your users.

But that's not all! Our plugin also supports a "shake" gesture: when users shake their device, a JavaScript callback is activated, offering an interactive way to engage your audience by prompting a feedback form or providing access to a hidden menu.

Ready to elevate your app with a unique sensory experience and boost user engagement? Adding the Haptics native plugin is a breeze when you use the Median App Studio. Try this powerful plugin and make your app a favorite amongst all users.

Key features


Stand out from the competition:

Elevate your app's user experience and deliver an engaging sensory experience that captivates your users more than other apps.


Enhance user engagement:

Trigger haptic vibration effects to provide real-time feedback for users, developing a deeper connection and making them feel part of the experience.


Make your input UX interactive:

Engage users by adding a "shake" gesture that triggers a special menu or other action within your app.

faqs about this plugin

Frequently asked questions about Haptics

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