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Today, users have high expectations when it comes to app communication and information sharing. That's precisely why we created our Share-Into-App native plugin. This plugin simplifies the process of sharing URL links from other third-party apps into your app, empowering your users to effortlessly connect and share information with your app.

No matter the third-party app your users are using — whether a messaging app, social media app, or regular web browser — if they stumble upon a captivating web page, blog post, or any other web content with a URL link, they can seamlessly trigger the "Share" menu. Your app will prominently appear as an option in the list of target apps and actions, ready to receive the shared URL link. This enables your users to engage with the link in whatever functionality your app provides, perhaps they will add the link to a list of reminders, a collaboration board, or even a 140 character social messaging post. Regardless of the functionality you provide in your app, your users will be able to share content into your app and take action with ease.

What’s more, you can add this powerful functionality to your app without any development hassle. All that’s required is a few code adjustments to your website to capture the incoming URL and page title through JavaScript. Use this ready-to-integrate plugin to enhance your app's functionality and provide your users with a flawless experience when it comes to sharing URLs.

Key features


Offer a seamless URL sharing experience:

Save your users time and enhance convenience by helping them effortlessly share URL links into your app from other third-party apps.


Provide more interaction opportunities:

Enabling users to share URL links from other apps expands engagement and collaboration.


Skip the lengthy development phase:

The plugin offers a code-less integration process, making it easy for you to incorporate this functionality into your app with only JavaScript. 

faqs about this plugin

Frequently asked questions about Share into app

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